Standard Power to Impress: 2019 Nissan Titan in Grand Junction, CO

Even if you're not a truck manufacturer, which scenario sounds more promising to you? A truck harnessing its source of power from a V6 or a V8 engine? You'd say the V8 engine. Those two extra cylinders make a world of difference in the performance you can expect from your truck regarding how much it tows and hauls from point A in Clifton to point B in Delta. You'll be pleased that the new 2019 Nissan Titan offers V8 power as a standard asset in its trim level display: S, SV, PRO-4X®, SL and Platinum Reserve.

So what is this source of extraordinary V8 power that we keep referencing? It's Nissan's 5.6-liter Endurance® V8 powertrain. This gas engine utilizes the expertise behind key engine elements to gain the efficiency, unleash the horsepower, and pull the loads it needs to through Colorado's Western Slope Region. The components of Direct Injection and Variable Valve Event and Lift technology work in unison to make fuel consumption by the engine more precise and intentional, meaning more power in the short term.

With that in mind, here are the impressive performance specs you'll experience firsthand when you buy or lease the new 2019 Nissan Titan from Red Rock Nissan on US-50 highway.

  • A solid rumble of 390 horsepower when you fire up the standard V8 engine.
  • The strength of 394 pound-feet of torque to achieve better hauling ability.
  • Its maximum towing equals out to 9,660 pounds with 2019 Titan Single Cab option.

While a truck's payload is tied more to the construction of the cargo bed rather than the capability of the engine. We'd still like to brag about the 1,930-pound maximum found in the Titan's Single Cab thanks to the model's exceptionally-strong frame made up of reinforced materials. If you're sitting there thinking that you may have found your next truck and want to know more, our team at Red Rock Nissan will gladly share the other areas comprised by the 2019 Nissan Titan. We can also tell you about the neighboring 2019 version of the Nissan Titan XD® that you can also elect to test drive during your Grand Junction visit.

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