Introducing the Nissan IMx KURO Concept Vehicle

Earlier this month at the Geneva Motor Show, Nissan unveiled its latest concept vehicle. Known as the Nissan IMx KURO, this electric crossover demonstrated the engineering possibilities for the future. We invite Red Rock Nissan customers like you to also take a closer look at what lies ahead for the brand.

The Nissan IMx KURO is an awesome feat of auto-craft. Its exterior is defined by its two-tone body, a seamless silhouette, and ultra-modern details like sharp air intakes, angled lights, and all-black rims. Inside, the focus of the cabin is to bolster rider comfort. This is suggested by a minimalistic layout that incorporates an OLED instrument panel to reduce clutter and maximize room for passengers to sit back and relax.

Even more than its visionary aesthetics, however, what makes the Nissan IMx intriguing is its integration with Nissan Intelligent Driving technologies. Using a fully autonomous version of features like ProPILOT, this electric crossover concept car showcases the capability of predictive innovations. Powered by an improved configuration of motors, this vehicle can also maintain its purpose of efficiency while offering a significant boost in both horsepower and torque.

Combined, both its design and mechanics make this new Nissan IMx KURO a groundbreaking model. Many of its qualities may eventually make its way to products made for everyday car buyers like you!

Wondering what lies next for Nissan? To find out, we advise you to keep an eye on upcoming industry news brought to you by Red Rock Nissan.

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